—addressing all areas of life—personally and professional.  The coach acts as a spiritual director speaking into your life from an orientation of self-discovery.  The beginning of personal transformation is to know yourself, clarify your vision, dreams and passions, and align your life around who you are.


Coaching is an experience, a personal journey of self-discovery, awareness, change, and transformation.  You will experience increased personal confidence, increased productivity, discover your behavioral tendencies, and discover what it means to live your life in alignment with who you are.  You will be introduced to some life-management tools, and gain new skills that lead to self-confidence, self-knowledge, leadership, service, and the satisfaction of getting things done.


Your personal coaching journey is organized and paced to most effectively serve you as an individual based on your personality, spiritual awareness, and life realities.  While acquiring awareness, skills, and practices to be successful, we do not ignore that true personal growth and transformation occurs at a deeper level.  “The most important, most real, most lasting work is accomplished in the depths of our heart.  This work is solitary and interior.  It is a work known only to you.  While coaching produces results, it is also the work of heart, of “soul” conversion, of inward transformation, and of life formation.”


and focuses on your real present life, your dreams and aspirations, your professional role, personal and family relationships, connection to your community, and your connection to God.  Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you will be challenged and encouraged to grow, move forward, and experience personal peace and fulfillment—transformation!

A commitment to coaching is a commitment to transformation and positive change in your life.  My commitment as a coach is to continually grow and develop personally and professionally, to deliver the best possible coaching experience.

Coaching is participating in the life of another; it is joining the other person’s journey to challenge and assist their personal development and help them accomplish their goals. Coaching provides a safe and confidential environment for personal growth and transformation.

Coaching is transformational

Coaching is customized to your reality

Coaching is an experience, but with a core structure for growth and development

  1. Achieve a greater level of personal success
  2. Focus on transformation, not only information and education
  3. Provides an authentic relationship where there is honesty, transparency, and accountability
  4. Customizes the coaching approach to your needs and reality
  5. Delivers solutions to your life and leadership
  6. Focuses on your whole life and promotes a balanced life
  7. Helps you to ask the right questions, change thinking, and take new ideas to implementation
  8. Provides tools to help you get things done
  9. A personal cheerleader
  10. Confidentiality and safety